I want to become a Mystery Shopper!

Count On Us is a Mystery Shopping company. When clients contact us for their Mystery Shopping needs, we select the most qualified applicant from our nationwide database.


You begin by completing our Shopper Application. You will then be entered into our datatbase with your unique profile and qualifications. When we are looking for just the right Mystery Shopper… it could be you!

With the articles and information Count On Us provides, you can learn more about successful Mystery Shopping.

After you complete your application, we use our database to match applicants' profiles with Mystery Shopping jobs that become available in your coverage area. We will notify you by email.

As you review the job notifications that are emailed to you, you can select only the jobs you would like. Click on the "reply" in the email, and let us know if you to accept the job. We will confirm and send you the details needed.

You will be given complete instructions on where, when and how to complete your Mystery Shopping assignment.

Review your assignment, dress appropriately, and perform the shop.

After you finish your assignment, you complete your mystery shopping report and email it to us. Now just sit back and wait for your check, product or reimbursement!


Most every question we hear from shoppers has been answered on our


If you have any questions about Mystery Shopping in general (such as, What is mystery shopping? How much can I earn? What are the requirements? How much do assignments pay?) read our


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